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Timing is everything when you’re communicating with families. an emergency strikes. Step Ahead is a simple, powerful platform that keeps you prepared with a communications plan and the right tools to execute instantly.

Whether you want to send announcements, updates or specific instructions, Step Ahead is the platform you need.

How Step Ahead Works

Our platform allows you to organize your contacts in a way that fits your needs. With perfectly segmented audiences, you can begin sending a wide range of short, relevant messages to parents and families.

Do More with Text Message Marketing

Ready to bring more families to your child care center? Now you can keep constant contact with your entire network through announcements, fundraising opportunities, and community information. Stay top-of-mind with a steady stream of engaging messages.

Step Ahead Features You’ll Love

Don’t invest in another headache. Choose a platform that is custom built for child care centers.

Easy to Manage

Separate your specific target groups or regions into segmented audiences in a few minutes.


Emailing can be slow, and not everyone checks their email all the time. SMS text message alerts deliver immediately, right where parents are most likely to see them.


With 98% of all text messages opened on a daily basis, SMS is the key to having your message seen.

Need Help Meeting Compliance?

We are experts in compliance. We'll review and audit your center’s shortcode and SMS communication from a consumer perspective with the right regulations in mind to ensure you are 100% compliant.

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