Keep communities and employees healthy and Return to work safely with SMS Symptom Monitoring

Manage Multiple Communities with One  Monitoring Platform


Emergency response is complex.
But with mobileMonitoring, it doesn’t
have to be complicated.

When safety is your top priority, mobileMonitoring provides your organization the tools to monitor team members and the community to maintain safe return to work compliance.  Daily health or symptom screening and monitoring  gives you and your employees the confidence to return to work. 

Reach over 96% of your employees because you don’t leave behind those without a smartphone.  Real time alerts for easy follow up with those who are reporting symptoms and reduce the administrative burden.  Real time reporting also helps you calculate trends in data easily from the platform dashboard.

Emergency response is complex.
But with mobileMonitoring,
it doesn’t have to be complicated.




Minimal onboarding


monitoring, tracking
and notification

What Our Partners Love Most

mobileMonitoring software is simple, yet flexible.


Speedy enrollment

Join an ongoing, active response within 24 hours, or license white-label mobileMonitoring to customize according to your agency’s needs.


Straightforward SMS text messaging

Two-way SMS text messaging allows for reliable communication without burdening your agency or your community members. No need for a seperate app.


Email alerts

Decrease time to follow-up action with email alerts that notify you when certain responses are received.


Interactive campaigns

Record and attach relevant notes to specific follow-up responses, and notate action items to build task lists.


Targeted campaign and group options

Send specific, targeted messages to segmented groups within your community. You could be communicating and monitoring your communities in as few as 24 hours. Customize the platform to meet your individual needs.



Introduce robust custom workflows and role-based permissions to take full control of your campaigns.



Use API integrations to link mobileMonitoring with your agency’s in-use systems.


Ad hoc, custom reports for detailed analysis

With open access to your data, uncover trends using current and historical data. Health-Level 7 (HL7) integration allows your agency to easily interpret collected data.


Compliant data security and privacy

 Keep sensitive information private. Our platform allows you to keep your monitoring, tracking, and notification data in compliance with HIPAA, PII, and PCI standards.

All of our partners also benefit from efficient
and accessible customer support.

Custom development options may be available for your agency.

How does mobileMonitoring, our emergency text notification system work?

Don’t just imagine how mobileMonitoring would
work for your agency. Let us show you.

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